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Kathy Chester, program director of 10 Weeks to Disrupt MS

Hi, I'm Kathy Chester. Those close to me would describe me as tenacious, outgoing, and heart-on-her-sleeve. At my core, I'm a fighter with a deep passion for helping and healing. I'm a proud mom to five grown kids, happily married to the ever-supportive Lance, and I call chilly Michigan home, sharing it with my sweet golden retriever, Sophia.


In 1996, Rheumatoid Arthritis came knocking, followed by a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis in 1999. More recently, Epilepsy joined the mix. These autoimmune challenges haven't changed who I am; they've revealed the fighter and advocate within me. I vividly recall the uncertainty that came with those diagnoses — questions about my future, my relationships, and my overall well-being.


Since then, the landscape of medicine and MS research has evolved. When initially diagnosed, the prevailing wisdom suggested rest as the best medicine. Today, neurologists agree that a moderate amount of physical activity is not only beneficial but essential. It aids in balance, reduces falls, prolongs mobility, fights fatigue, and keeps depression at bay.


While I've bid farewell to endurance running and heavy lifting, I've embraced a lifestyle that keeps me strong and mobile without compromising my health. Now, I'm eager to share my knowledge and experience with those who seek strength and vitality despite their autoimmune challenges. Yes, some days are a struggle, but let's be real — everyone faces daily battles. Our struggles just wear different faces.


That’s why I created 10 Weeks to Disrupt MS — a journey to disrupt your disease and empower yourself for tomorrow and all the days beyond. It's about adaptation, resilience, and pushing through, because our struggles, though unique, make us uniquely strong.

Kathy with her new grandbaby
Kathy and Lance, owners of MS Disrupted
Kathy Chester with her new NeoWalks stick
Kathy Chester on a stationary bike
Kathy and her therapy dog, Sophia
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- in spite of living with multiple chronic illnesses -

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