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Wellness with

Multiple Sclerosis

Kathy Chester, program director, MS Disrupted

Disrupt Your Disease • Empower Your Future

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The MS Disrupted Philosophy

Disrupt Your Disease and Empower Your Future

Multiple Sclerosis is a hell of a disease that will take and take - unless you fight back! There are a number of ways that you can DISRUPT the progress of your disease. MS Disrupted focuses on movement, physical and mental exercise, nutrition, rest, hydration, and support.

the  MS DISRUPTED •  brand

  • A 10 week program designed to help you disrupt the progress of your disease through fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, and more. 

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  • Move It or Lose It Podcast

    The Move It or Lose It Podcast airs bi-weekly anywhere you listen to Podcasts: Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, and YouTube!

  • Women Who Disrupt MS is the best support group you never wanted to be part of! It's women of all walks and ages who have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

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MS Disrupted was created by me,

Kathy Chester. It's more than a brand - it's my passion and my life's work to bring hope, motivation, inspiration, and love to the MS Community. I, myself, was diagnosed with MS in 1999, so my work comes from a deep sense of understanding of how MS affects all aspects of life.

Kathy & Lance, owners of MS Disrupted

10 Weeks to Disrupt MS


Kathy in home gym, MS Disrupted
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